What now? (The only spiritual practice you need)

All spiritual practice leads you to this basic routine:

1) Ask the body, "What now?"

2) Recieve an answer

3) Act on that answer

The mind is there to help us work with the body. It's not the source of knowing. It's the facilitator. 

It's the tour guide to the greatest wonder in the world: your body.

Your body processes reality. It stores every good, bad, nasty, joyful thing you have ever experienced. 

And it knows what to do right now.

It knows what you must do to live the life you're meant to live. The problem is that we seldom listen to it. But it's always ready to work with us once we're ready to listen.

So ask it. Listen. 

Then, do what it offers you. 

Try it as an experiment. See how your mind protests. But follow through. Always follow through.

Consider the body's directives like divine commandments given to you as blessings to guide you through this life.

Treat them as holy. Because they are. And so are you.