What does this want to integrate into?

The next time you feel a really strong feeling, I want you to ask yourself this question:

What does this feeling want to integrate into?

It might feel odd to ask your feelings a question, but when you do, you'll receive a "signal," a subconscious thought, image, or feeling, with an answer.

So, if you ask your "anger" what it wants, notice what comes back. In most cases, it is trying to point you towards some action you need to take in your life.

It's even odder to think that your feelings have wants. But they do! They want:

1. To be noticed

2. Help integrating so that they can help you

3. To be loved

The strong, painful feeling is a "scary mask" designed to get your attention.

And once it does and is honestly, sincerely, and impartially seen by you, with as much detail as possible, it will transform into something completely new.

Your "anger" turns into "action".
Your "grief" into "gratitude".
Your "shame" into "love".

So, again, the next time you notice an intense feeling arise, don't fight it, don't be scared of it, don't run from it, pay attention to it, ask the question, and give the feeling what it wants.