Relax all day (and still get stuff done)


What if it was easy to operate life from a state of relaxed ease?

I believe tension from stress doesn't get tasks done more easily.  It's a bad deal because stress and tension:

a) Makes you miserable
b) Fatigues you quickly
c) Constrains your attention

Relaxation works better because you can access more internal resources to solve problems and move forward. It doesn't tire you out. And it's far more enjoyable.

How do you encourage relaxation?

1. Regular, cyclic, deep breathing (no pauses between inhales <> exhales <> inhales)

2. Muscle relaxation (use your awareness to relax muscles, imagine them melting)

3. Taking walking breaks that are nourishing

4. Not sitting for longer than 15 minutes

5. Writing out the resolution to problems and tasks so that the brain doesn't need to work on it

6. Doing a short yoga nidra every 3-5 hours

7. Going into Hakalau (utilizing your peripheral vision)

What if it was possible to be relaxed most of the day? The prevailing belief is that going into a stress-like state is better for getting things done than a relaxed state. It's very black and white. Relaxed means you don't get anything done. Stressed is when you do. But this doesn't seem right. Why would we be subjected to this duality? The truth is that we aren't.

Here are some beliefs powering reliance on stress:

1. Nothing will get done if I am not stressed

2. Stress is the path to success

3. Relaxation isn't effective

4. Relaxation means I can't focus

5. I can't have both

If you go through each and contemplate whether they are true, you may be surprised to see that many of them are BS.

You can relax and do things. It supercharges your performance. Don't believe me? Try it out.